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Voice Classes are Underway!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 by Holly Boaz | Uncategorized

We had a wonderful start to our voice classes for teens!  

In our first class, we learned a basic warmup series that we will practice together throughout the rest of our 8-week session, and we started singing as a group.  These teens sound beautiful together!  We also started a thoughtful conversation about how to describe and talk about voices.  Our discussion was sparked by this great video put together by voice pedagogue Matthew Edwards of Shenandoah University:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=61&v=SQgBNFU1n-w

The video shows us several famous singers in raw (unaltered or amplified) sessions, followed by their studio-produced recordings for comparison.  Some of them hardly even sounded like the same voice from one to the other!  Very interesting food for thought...check it out!

If you or someone you know is interested in the voice class, it's not too late to sign up!  Just send me a note and let me know you'd like to join in.